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Brothers in Arms short film Jordan Charles
Two brothers tragically separated after a destructive childhood accident - one becoming a relentless police officer, the other a rising crime leader - find themselves on a collision course to reunite as family loyalties are challenged and fates align in midst of a major arms deal in modern Los Angeles.
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the film
Brothers In Arms short film Jordan Charles Shannon Reynosa


Brothers in Arms is a short film that’s meant to introduce a feature film story. The story explores broken family and compromised relationships, strained by separation and extreme circumstances. The meaning of brotherhood evolves, when contradicting loyalties test that bond.
The facts

Fate sees two men with separate duties to authority collide in the most personal way.

A crime saga that treads upon burdened relationships, Brothers in Arms projects its themes through deeply felt emotional discovery. Two brothers grow up together, and are separated due to tragedy. Through distant and disparate upbringings, both realize different lives, becoming police and criminal. The short film explores the meaning of family and its uncertain redemption when mired in violent contradiction.

The narrative honors meaningful drama through unwavering conviction to character and story, drawing inspiration from powerful, seminal films like Michael Mann's Heat, Martin Scorsese's The Departed, and Gavin O'Connor's Warrior.

he short film introduces the greater themes of its underlying feature story. 
A drama and thriller, Brothers In Arms weaves poignant, visceral cinema for its audience. Relationships plot action, and the fragile bonds of those in play deliver suspense and emotion. A cinematic story that tells from the heart and tugs at the same.

Brothers In Arms short film

Police and Criminal ~

Mirroring Characterizations

The mission

Police and Criminal

Fates Locked In Step

There's timely examination of police conduct and authority in society at present. Scrutiny follows the impact of emotion and judgment in policing, and how subjective influences can frame one’s call to duty.


This short film features enmeshed characters as a juxtaposition for the unique parallels and realities of police officers and the criminals they chase. The characterizations and conflict imbue how both sides of the law are inevitably intertwined despite operating by different codes. Police and criminal are helplessly in step of each other, and the constant pressure of surveillance and pursuit causes degrees of conflict. For all involved, duty is most ever to clan, but the oath is survival. These heavy concepts are further explored in the underlying feature film screenplay.

Some rise by sin, others by virtue fall.

So it is with brothers.